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Not even Apple is doing well: AirPods, Apple Watch and MacBook, demand in sharp decline

Not even Apple is doing well: AirPods, Apple Watch, and MacBook, demand is in sharp decline.


The crisis also affects Apple. According to the latest rumors, the Cupertino giant would have ordered its suppliers to reduce the production volumes of some of its flagship products. For the moment, the slowdowns do not concern the iPhone 14, whose production, on the contrary, has returned to full capacity after the latest wave of Covid-19 had paralyzed the Chinese factories of Foxconn.


Apple has allegedly ordered suppliers to cut production of nearly every model in its AirPods, Apple Watch and Macbook lines. The decision – reports the Nikkei Asia news agency – was allegedly taken on the basis of a sharp drop in consumer demand.

Apple would therefore have instructed all its suppliers to reduce the production rate of the components used for the three product categories. Apple had resisted well up to now, suffering less than its competitors the influence of the bad economic climate looming over the global market.

According to analysts, Apple’s decision would be yet another sign of a crisis for the consumer electronics sector. In turn a hint of a possible imminent recession.


As evidenced by the statements of the managers collected by Nikkei Asia, the situation would be worse than imagined by Apple, which ordered the change in progress. Apple gave indications to reduce practically all production lines in December, because demand was significantly below their forecasts,” explained the executive of one of Apple’s many Asian suppliers.


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