Nomophobia: suffering from smartphone addiction

Nomophobia: suffering from smartphone addiction.


The positive use of smartphones is productive, instead, compulsive use can interfere with one’s relational and emotional life, at work and at school. The intensive use of the media can have an impact on the psyche influencing it negatively and causing sleep disturbances, tiredness, eating disorders, or bad grades. Better to ask for help in time. The phenomenon of compulsive use of mobile phones and smartphones is called nomophobia (fear of not having a mobile phone with you). 


The compulsion from social media, notifications and reactions is addictive and far from satisfying. Addiction isn’t just for adults. 90-95% of children and adolescents abuse cell phones and smartphones. Parents must put rules on the use of mobile phones for children. 

The risk for children is greater, their brains and eyes are more sensitively exposed and still developing. The disturbances can be related to vision, attention problems and socialization with the risk of running into content not suitable for minors. Here are the signs to understand if a child is addicted to smartphones:

  • when he can’t play, he gets angry and/or cries
  • if he can’t play with his device, he gets bored and doesn’t want to do anything else
  • when he is with other children, instead of playing with them he prefers the smartphone/tablet
  • is easily irritable, especially if he cannot use his device or after many hours of use
  • has an disturbed sleep pattern, has difficulty falling asleep.


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