Nizip-Karkamış road to be completed in 2023

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure stated that the work on the projects for safe and comfortable transportation in Gaziantep continues and stated that the Nurdağı road project is progressing rapidly and the Nizip-Karkamış road will be completed in 2023.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it was stated that on the Gaziantep-Nurdağı road, the foundation of which was laid on September 1, work continues on a 5 kilometer section, while 2 bridges and 16 at-grade intersections are included within the scope of the 53.7 kilometer project.


In the statement, it was stated that the 31.4-kilometer Nizip-Karkamış road was designed as BSK and divided road, and it was noted that there are 3 bridges within the scope of the project.

Underlining that 38 percent physical realization has been achieved in the works, the statement said, “To date, a total of 13.8 kilometers of divided road has been completed as BSK. The remaining 17.6 kilometers are aimed to be completed and opened to traffic in 2023.”

Reminding that the crossroads in the industrial zone in Gaziantep Başpınar were implemented in previous years, the statement continued as follows:

“The 5.5 kilometers between Dedeman Junction and Dülükbaba was opened to traffic in 2011 after the BSK was renewed as a 2×2 divided road-BSK and 2×1 single road BSK service road. In addition, in order to reduce the traffic density on the existing route in the organized industrial zone, Dedeman, Erikçe, Başpınar had in previous years. Organized Industry, Dülükbaba and Şehirgösteren Köprülü Junctions were completed and put into service. The renovation works of the bridge expansion joints at the Dedeman Köprülü Junction were also completed and they will be opened to traffic tomorrow.


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