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Nintendo Switch, the new “secret” update improves online purchases

The new Nintendo eShop update makes it easier to discover new games on Switch.

Nintendo has decided to release a new useful update for the Switch online stores , thus making it easier to find your next favorite games: no new firmware will be needed for the console, since it is a “secret” improvement and available since right away.


The Kyoto house has in fact decided to implement a surprise change to the Nintendo eShop , the online store where you can buy new video games in digital format on Switch consoles (find the OLED model at a discount on Amazon ).

The GameXplain YouTube channel (via GoNintendo ) has in fact reported that searches on the online store have now been significantly improved: it will now be possible to see the results divided into two columns , instead of a single section.


This hidden and unannounced change thus allows you to show many more results on a single page, facilitating the natural scrolling of the store and allowing you to more easily identify the products you are looking for.

Apparently it could be an insignificant update, but considering the enormous amount of games available digitally on Nintendo Switch, this update effectively allows you to halve scrolling times.


You can observe the new update in the video made by GameXplain that we will present to you again later, using the term ” mario ” as an example: of course you can also try the new feature by manually going to the Nintendo eShop from now on.



At the moment , no further noteworthy changes have been reported on the Nintendo eShop or on the Switch console itself, but as always we will keep you informed on our pages if important news emerges for the hybrid consoles.

Recall that the latest update, also in this case “hidden”, was released only last December 20: in that case, the changes implemented were practically nil and imperceptible to users.


Staying on the subject of news, according to an indiscretion, the time to see a new Nintendo Direct could be close , which could even confirm the release date of the new Advance Wars , after a block that lasted almost a year.


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