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Nintendo increases the production of the Switch for 2023: is the next-gen postponed?


Nintendo has decided to continue riding the wave of success of its Switch console. According to an agency published by Bloomberg, the entertainment giant would have warned its suppliers of an imminent increase in orders. The goal is to increase the production of Switch consoles, taking advantage of a demand that remains very strong around the world.


Nintendo should close the fiscal year at 21 million units. It planned to deliver another 19 million in 2023, but the target has been revised upwards. The Nintendo Switch is now six years old, while the main competitors – Microsoft and Sony – have both presented their latest generation consoles for the past three years.

It was also expected that Nintendo would soon announce the heir to the Switch, but this news (still unconfirmed) would imply that the launch of the next big N console will probably be postponed compared to the previous timetable.

The Nintendo Switch is now very close to breaking the ceiling of 150 million units delivered worldwide, a record that had previously been achieved exclusively by the PlayStation 2. In the face of this, Nintendo’s temptation to extend the life cycle of the console and postpone the debut in the so-called nextgen.


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