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Nintendo has permanently shut down one of its RPGs, forever

Dragalia Lost officially stopped services on November 29th, putting an end to the Nintendo mobile game.

Nintendo has recently finally said goodbye to another of its mobile titles, as it announced that the service for Dragalia Lost has officially ended.


Leaving aside  Nintendo Switch OLED  and its derivatives, the Big N had always paid particular attention to the smartphone games market.

Apparently, however, the Big N has decided to continue “killing” its titles intended for the smartphone market and the like, with all due respect to the fans.


As we told you last March , after the release of the last chapter of the campaign in July, the House of Mario said goodbye to the fantasy RPG .

As also reported on Reddit , Dragalia Lost officially stopped services on November 29th , putting an end to the game.


“The Dragalia Lost service ended on November 29, 2022, at 10:00 pm PT ,” reads the original post posted on Twitter by the developers.


And again: «We would like once again to extend our sincere thanks to all those who have played the game since the beginning of the service. We hope you enjoyed Dragalia Lost»

Dragalia Lost  was born as a new IP released specifically for mobile devices: it is  an action-RPG set in the Kingdom of Alberia, in a time when humans and dragons lived together.

The game intertwined elements from popular mobile games: As of 2020, Dragalia Los t generated  $123 million in revenue , on the heels of titles like  Fire Emblem Heroes  and  Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp .


Staying on the Nintendo theme, the company has formalized the arrival of a second trailer dedicated entirely to  Super Mario Bros. The Movie , the long-awaited animated feature film dedicated to the plumber.

But that’s not all: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can’t find peace , because apparently the rng factor of online encounters isn’t entirely random.


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