Nigeria builds 6 plants

Nigeria reported that six facilities built for domestic processing of gold, precious stones and other metals are nearing completion.

Nigerian Minister of Mines and Iron and Steel, Olamilekan Adegbite, said in a statement that 6 facilities are being established in various regions in order to benefit more from the mineral resources in the country.


Stating that the government has started to process gold, precious stones and other mineral resources, Adegbite said, “Before that, our gold was exported abroad to be processed in raw form and we were buying it expensively. Now we have trained people who will make jewelry and they will reside in the facilities.”

Adegbite stated that the step taken will add value to the country’s mineral resources and contribute to the creation of employment and welfare for Nigerians.

Nigeria, which has rich oil and natural gas resources, extracts many minerals, especially coal, gold, kaolin, limestone, columbite, iron and tin.


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