Newborns: in Italy 5 million fewer in 2050


The government has begun to develop a program to counter the empty cradle crisis . Yes, because by 2050 there could be 5 million fewer Italians. Annual births could drop to 298,000 units by 2050. The age of becoming mothers for the first time is rising more and more.


The first measure to be taken to combat the crisis of empty cradles will be the review of family allowances . We will work to make the support proportional to the number of children. In 2050 among the 5 million fewer inhabitants there will be 2 million fewer young people. Consequently, people aged 90 will more than double (there are now 800,000). The centenarians today one hundred thousand, by 2050 they will be 80 thousand.

Italian mothers have children too late, they give birth after the age of 30 and caesareans are used more and more often. In Italy, the southern regions are those with the highest birth rates (Campania, Calabria, Sicily) with values ​​above the national average. In 2021, the average number of children per woman is 1.25 (in 2010 it was 1.46). The infant mortality rate , which measures mortality in the first year of life, was 2.88 children for every thousand live births in 2018. In the last decade it has continued to decrease throughout the Italian territory, however with a slowdown in the trend.

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