New plan to curb illegal immigration from the US

The US Department of Homeland Security shared the document containing the preparations for the repeal of the law that accelerates the deportation process of illegal immigrants.

On the website of the Ministry, the applications that will replace the law called “Title 42”, which entered into force during the period of former US President Donald Trump and is planned to be repealed next week, are listed as articles.


According to the document shared by the Ministry, after the implementation that will end as of December 21, ways such as preventing illegal entry into the country, increasing the efficiency of border operations, increasing personnel, transportation, medical support and facilities, and tightening practices such as detention and prosecution will be resorted to.

The Ministry will also focus on activities such as increasing the capacity of non-governmental organizations operating in the region to prevent illegal entries, strengthening the fight against drug and human traffickers, and cooperating with international and federal partners.

“Let me be frank. Title 42 or not, those who fail to establish a legal basis to stay in the United States will be expelled,” Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Majorkas said on Dec. 13. had used the phrase.

While the Biden administration is preparing to repeal the “Title 42” law, which was put into effect on the grounds of the Kovid-19 epidemic during the Trump era, as of December 21, the Ministry of Homeland Security passed between 9 and 14 thousand daily from the Mexican border after the end of the application. He made a statement that the person could try to cross the border.



US District Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled in November that the Trump-era border enforcement should be repealed, arguing it was “arbitrary and capricious.”


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