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New Horizon Vr Game and Horizon Forbidden West DLC, Burning Shores Announced

Horizon series appeared at The Game Awards presentation with 2 new productions. A new VR game is in development alongside the Forbidden West DLC.

The Game Awards , one of the favorite events of the game world and hosting numerous new announcements , started at 03.30 pm with the presentation of Geoff Keighley. On the one hand, the games find their awards in various categories, on the other hand, brand new news and updates are enough to inflame the industry.


The series that contributed the most to the presentation was undoubtedly the Horizon series. They announced a DLC and a release date for Horizon Forbidden West, which is both a new VR game and the last game in the series.

New Horizon Vr Game Call of The Mountain

The virtual reality game, which will be developed for PSVR2, offers the opportunity to take a closer look at the unique machines of the universe. The production, which will be released on February 22, 2023, will play an important role for Sony’s PSVR2 device.

Call of The Mountain Trailer:

Forbidden West DLC Burning Shores

Aloy’s next stop is Los Angeles. In the trailer shown at The Game Awards presentation, our protagonist is seen traveling on the back of the wing. Aloy’s adventure, which does not neglect to pass in front of the iconic Hollywood sign, will be available on April 19, 2023. This add-on pack will be released for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Burning Shores Announcement Trailer:


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