New generation bomber from the USA

The United States launched the 6th generation bomber B-21 Raider, which has the capability of being undetected and capable of firing nuclear and conventional missiles.

The USA introduced the new high-tech Bomber B-21 Raider (Akıncı). High-level names from the USA attended the ceremony held in the California facilities of Northrop Grumman, the manufacturer of the B-21.



After the air show of the old bombers and the singing of the national anthem, the cover on the plane waiting in the hangar was removed between the light plays. “It is a testament to America’s enduring advantages in creativity and innovation,” US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said of the aircraft at the ceremony. While many features of the aircraft are tried to be kept secret, Austin stated that it will be more effective than long-range bombers, just like F-22 and F-35 aircraft, because of the stealth technology features of the aircraft, it is difficult to catch the radar and “Even the most sophisticated air defense systems can detect B-21s. It will be difficult to do,” he said.


Stating that the aircraft was designed according to ‘open system construction’, the US Secretary of Defense stated that in this way, weapon systems that have not yet been developed can be adapted to the aircraft in the future. The B-21 Raider, which is expected to make its maiden flight in 2023, is expected to form the backbone of the US air force’s bombers in the future. The US air force is preparing to order 100 of the planes, which cost 700 million dollars for now. While it is claimed that the aircraft was designed to fly without a crew, no official statement was made on this issue. According to Bloomberg, the fleet that will replace the B-1 and B-2 bombers is estimated to cost $203 billion to develop, acquire and operate over 30 years.



The name of the plane, Raider, comes from the first American attack on mainland Japan after Japan’s surprise raid on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Under the leadership of American Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle, bombers launched an attack on Tokyo after taking off from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. American aviators went down in US history as ‘Doolittle Raiders’.


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