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New Gameplay Trailer Released From Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is here with more. The trailer, which was presented to the fans in their presentation, shows many gameplay elements.

Postponement news has gained an important place in the game industry. Although the fans are warm to the delays because of the fear that some games will not be ready, some game lovers think the opposite. As a matter of fact, meeting with a good production is the final wish of both parties. The purpose of postponed projects must be to ensure this.


After a long wait, the news of the postponement when we said that we are now reunited upset the fans, but the news of the presentation to be held on December 6 was a little comforting. The game, whose new release date was set as April 28, 2023, brought a new gameplay trailer together with game lovers in the presentation that took place yesterday.

Dead Island 2 New Gameplay Trailer:

Experiencing an apocalyptic Los Angeles is something you might want to do in April. Even though the trailer was about the gameplay, we got information about various parts of the city. Which path you take to re-kill the dead in Dead Island 2 is up to you. The variety of weapons emphasized in the trailer is striking. When you say melee weapons, firearms, acrobatic movements, it is also possible to craft various weapon parts.

Dead Island 2

There is also a feature that we cannot go without mentioning, an element that will diversify the gameplay even more. In the trailer, a zombie bites our character, but our character gains some powers rather than transforming. These powers are called Z-power and they make it very easy for you to deal with zombies. It is now possible to kill the dead even more without needing any weapon because thanks to your powers you are the most powerful weapon.

As for our fresh meat-loving enemies, they’re looking forward to seeing you with a wide variety. A variety of enemies awaits you in Dead Island 2, ranging from zombies that are barely standing still to zombies that will wreak havoc with their screeching sounds, from partially intelligent zombies to zombies that are almost 3-4 times your size.


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