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Netflix will broadcast the SAG Awards live, then it’s up to the reality shows?

Netflix will broadcast the SAG Awards live, then it’s up to the reality shows.


Netflix will increasingly focus on live events, which could become an important part of its offer in the near future.

Starting this year, Netflix will start offering some live-streaming content. Initially, it will be glamorous events dedicated to the world of entertainment. The first tentative step in this direction should take place with the Screen Actors Guild Awards, for which the company has already won the rights. It will be an experiment, depending on the results could open the door to an increasingly ambitious schedule of events and live content.

We know for sure that Netflix – at least currently – is not interested in sports at all, unlike Apple TV + and Prime Video which, on the contrary, have already made important investments in that direction. However, the possibility of broadcasting events in live streaming opens up a whole series of very interesting doors: just think of reality shows and talent shows, a product category that is increasingly appreciated by users.

It would not surprise us if the next season of The Circle could be broadcast live, with millions of viewers who will decide to religiously follow each episode, perhaps with the possibility of voting live for their favorite contestants.


“As we begin to explore live streaming on Netflix, we look forward to partnering with SAG-AFTRA to elevate and expand this special ceremony as a global live event in 2024 and for years to come,” reads a statement shared by the giant. of the stream. On March 4, Netflix will broadcast another live event: it is a special by comedian Chris Rock.


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