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Netflix takes the fight against password sharing to Europe, starting with Spain and Portugal

Netflix takes the fight against password sharing to Europe, starting with Spain and Portugal.


Netflix begins to get serious with the fight against password sharing. After the first experiments in South America, the platform also announced the introduction of the new rules in Spain and Portugal, the first countries in Europe to undergo the change.


In the two countries, Netflix has already started limiting sharing, the roll-out is gradual and will be completed over the next few weeks. This means that users will only be able to share their account with people who live in the same household.

As we have explained to you in the past, with the new rules it will still be possible to split the subscription with people who live outside our home, but each extra account will have to be purchased by paying a supplement . The experiments in Spain and Portugal concern two countries with a purchasing power very similar to the Italian one, therefore the price requested by Netflix is ​​probably the information that interests us the most. Expect to see the same fares repeated in Italy as well.

Adding an extra member to your subscription costs between €3.99 and €5.99 . There is a saving compared to subscribing to a separate subscription, but it is rather modest.


Those who subscribe to the Standard plan will be able to purchase only one extra member, while Premium subscribers can purchase up to a maximum of two. These micro accounts will have their own profile, with a unique username and password.


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