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Netflix: Now the iOS app is much more beautiful and easier to use

Netflix: Now the iOS app is much more beautiful and easier to use.


Netflix released an update to its iOS app on Monday that, among other things, introduces a revamped and optimized interface for iPhones. The new interface features new, smoother animations, including a fascinating parallax effect that can be activated by moving the phone.


When you first open the Netflix iPhone app, you’ll immediately notice a large new tab . It is used by Netflix to promote movies and TV series just introduced in the catalog and suggested based on your personal tastes. The card moves with parallax effect using the iPhone’s accelerometer.

But that’s only part of the redesign : now it’s even easier to filter content by category, switch between profiles or use search, no matter which section of the app you’re browsing.

When you tap on a movie or show, the cover will expand to show all the details. The Coming Soon tab has been redesigned and is now called “ What’s New “, so as to also show recommended content for the user.


According to designer Janum Trivedi, who worked on the new interface for the Netflix app, the project started in 2022. “I’ve been working on a user interface update to make Netflix smoother, more enjoyable and cleaner. Today, the fruit of all this work has finally been released,” Trivedi said on Twitter, who also shared a short video showcasing the new interface.



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