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Netflix introduces spatial audio on over 700 titles, but only for Premium members

Netflix introduces spatial audio on over 700 titles, but only for Premium members.


Netflix first announced support for spatial audio last summer. Spatial audio, in theory, offers a 360-degree audio experience, including the reproduction of sounds designed to come from behind the viewer.


Netflix has announced that spatial audio is now available on more than 700 of its most-watched titles, including “ Stranger Things “, “The Watcher”, “Wednesday” and “ Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery “. Furthermore, he has already promised that spatial audio will be added to the most popular new titles as they are released, including “You”, “Your Place or Mine”, “Luther: The Fallen Sun” and “Tour de France”.

To see the full list of titles featuring spatial audio, viewers can search for the term “spatial audio” on Netflix. However, the new spatial audio feature is only available on Netflix Premium , the company’s most expensive plan. Customers with Standard or Basic service will still receive spatial audio support in the future, “but only on a limited number of select titles.”

“Netflix’s Premium plan already offers the best viewing experience,” said Rishu Arora, director of product management in a blog post for the company. “Now, with Netflix Spatial Audio, our Premium members will enjoy the best audio experience available, whether they’re watching at home on a TV or computer, or on the go with a phone or tablet.”


The new function is already available also in Italy. All you have to do is have a Premium subscription and look for titles labeled “spatial audio” in the platform’s catalogue.



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