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Netflix: Have movies gotten too long? The ‘Short-Ass movies’ section arrives


Netflix finally comes to meet viewers who are fed up with unnecessarily long films. The platform has introduced a new section entirely dedicated to films with a duration close to 90 minutes .


And it’s all thanks to an actor’s rant on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live .

Movies are getting longer. Because?

For some reason Hollywood producers have become convinced that audiences want to be stunned by movies with endless running time. Thus it happens (more often than not) that the most recent films well exceed two hours, sometimes unjustifiably touching the three-hour threshold. But not all directors are Peter Jackson or Tarantino and not all stories need such long minutes.

Even when the film is actually successful, often leaving the theater a spontaneous escape: ” Yes, everything is beautiful … of course I would have given a snip here and there … “.


Just to cite a few recent examples: No Time to Die lasts 2 hours and 43 minutes . Spider-Man: No Way Home clocks in at 2 hours and 28 minutes. Eternals goes up to 2 hours and 37 minutes. And then The Last Duel, with 2 hours and 28 minutes .


It seems that the average length of films has lengthened over the years. Virtually only horror films and comedies are the exception.

Oh yes, many of the cults of the past, films that have entered the collective imagination by force, do not exceed 100 minutes. What happened in the meantime? Recently Variety has tried to answer this question, without arriving at a complete answer .


Netflix’s answer: ‘Short-Ass Movies’ section arrives

If you are part of that silent majority who believe that the quality of a film does not depend on its length… well, Netflix is ​​at your rescue. The platform has announced a new section called ‘Short-Ass Movies’ .

As the name suggests, it only includes films less than one hour and thirty minutes long . Yes, the new section is already available also in the Italian Netflix catalogue. And no, it doesn’t exclusively include comedies or family films. Sure, there are films by Zalone, some Fantozzi and even the Addams Family, but then there are also more committed films such as the American remake of The Guilty or the recent Windfall.

In short, if tonight you have just an hour and something to watch a film before going to bed, now you know which section to comb through .


All thanks to Pete Davidson, who launched a playful rant from the Saturday Night Live studio, complaining about the excessively long and tedious duration of many recent films. Netflix has confirmed that it has added the new section dedicated to short films precisely to please the actor and that huge slice of the public who applauded his intervention in the form of a rap parody.



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