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Netflix Games has released 9 new mobile games

 Netflix, which is preparing to develop PC games on the one hand, announced that it has added 9 new games to its mobile game catalog this week. With 9 new games added, the company has increased the number of games to over 40.

If you remember, we conveyed to you in November of 2021 that Netflix ,  which opened the game tab to all users , officially entered the game world with the Netflix Games brand . Netflix, which is preparing to develop PC games on the one hand , announced that it has added 9 new games to its mobile game catalog this week . Games include Devolver Digital’s Reigns : Three Kingdoms , Neowiz ‘s Cats & Soup , and Rogue Games ‘ Hello Kitty Happiness Parade .  

Netflix Games has released 9 new mobile games

In addition, it was noteworthy that the company included the Country Friends game similar to Farmville in its games. Farmville, which influenced users on Facebook for a while , played an active role in spending a long time on the platform. Country Friends could do the same for Netflix. 




Other games released were Skies of Chaos, Flutter Butterflies and Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales . At this point, let us remind you that Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, which was first published in 2021, was updated in accordance with the 4th season at the beginning of November This version of the game took its place among other Stranger Things-themed games such as Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game.



With 9 new games added, the company has increased the number of games to over 40 . It is possible  that the number of games will increase to 50 by the end of 2022 .

Reaching 5 game studios in a year with its acquisitions, Netflix also established a new mobile game studio in Helsinki last September . It is worth adding that  the company, which develops mobile games for both iOS and Android platforms  together with Netflix Games, acquired mobile game studio Spry Fox at the beginning of November  .

We see that a very small portion of Netflix subscribers play these games. According to August data, Netflix’s mobile games have  been downloaded 23 million times  to date . Netflix has  more than 221 million subscribers in total. Still, the company is determined to take its position in the gaming market to a different level. 


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