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Netflix defends its subscription with ads: “it’s not a flop, there’s inaccurate information”


Is your Netflix ad subscription a flop? According to some news leaked in the American press, yes, but the company defends itself: “it’s not going badly, inaccurate news has been circulating these days”.


Let’s start from here: according to Digiday magazine, the new subscription would have disappointed the expectations of advertisers and Netflix itself. The platform would have collected roughly 80% of the subscriptions it had set itself, however getting itself into big trouble: the contracts with some advertisers provide for  partial repayment of the investments in the event of failure to achieve the objectives.

In short, the one outlined by Digiday is the description of a total disaster. Also because the magazine also suggested that several advertisers had already decided to reduce or even cancel the advertising investments set for 2023. But according to Netflix there would be nothing true, or almost.

On the one hand, the accusation to the press of having leaked incomplete or misleading information, on the other, the invitation to wait. In fact, the new Basic plan with advertising has been around for just over a month.


It is too early to draw any conclusions about the new subscription. We are currently happy with how the launch went and the first interactions it generated, we are equally proud of having attracted the interest of a large number of advertisers


a Netflix spokesman commented in these hours. In the meantime, the N.1 of the Ted Sarandos platform reiterated that there is no turning back: the advertising subscription is here to stay.


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