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Netflix and the chaos of stopping password sharing: changed the FAQ after a few days

Netflix and the chaos of stopping password sharing: changed the FAQ after a few days.


Within days of its publication, Netflix has already changed the FAQ that explains how it intends to stop password sharing. We remind you that soon, even in Italy, Netflix will no longer allow you to share a subscription with people who live outside their own households.


The new system provides that any ‘extra’ people, who do not usually live under our same roof, must pay a supplement and that everyone then accesses the subscription using different usernames and passwords.

Netflix had recently explained the functioning of this mechanism with a special FAQ page , which however has been modified in these hours. Now the official page, also in Italian, no longer specifies that a device, to continue accessing Netflix, must connect at least once every 31 days from the main location associated with the subscription.

Also, the FAQ no longer states that device unlock codes will last for 7 days. Unlock codes are sent whenever Netflix reveals that a device has been used for an extended period from somewhere other than the primary location. The code is sent to the subscriber’s phone number or email address and unlocks the device so you can continue to use it to access Netflix. Netflix once explained that the code was valid for 7 days, but this reference has now been deleted.


It is evident that the details of the initiative are still under discussion and it would not surprise us if the FAQs changed further between now and the official implementation of the new password sharing policies.



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