Needs: What can happen when they are ignored for too long?


There are people who have a part that wants to be fulfilled and happy. There are people who live peacefully with this part and others who feel disoriented. Disorientation can be manifested by lack of goals, having the wrong people around, experiencing every little mistake badly, self-sabotage  .


The ability to live without feeling hurt and to take constructive action means that life is about well-being. Living functionally with that part of us that gives satisfaction and contentment. Psychological suffering is caused in most cases by the lack of satisfaction of some basic needs . Every need we had in childhood that hasn’t received the correct response has become a psychological suffering that has conditioned our adult lives. 

To grow internally it is necessary to get in touch with our emotional part and with what have been the unmet basic needs. We cannot go back and fill the gap, but we must look to the past with awareness of acceptance of that specific lack. It’s hard to let go of the past, but there comes a time when you have to. 

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to assimilate the past. It is important to understand in each of us which are the authentic needs and which are induced by the shortcomings suffered. We have to shed light on ourselves and the process of change will be easier. Let’s start with the little things, with what we like to do and give ourselves the space we need and which has been denied to us. Only in this way can one be reborn from the past 


  • What can happen to you if your needs have been ignored for too long (


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