NATO: Ukraine must remain sovereign before it can become a member

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that in order for Ukraine to become a NATO member in the future, it must first remain a sovereign and independent state, and NATO allies are trying to ensure this.

Stoltenberg held a press conference at the end of the NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting in Bucharest, Romania.


“Didn’t Ukraine deserve NATO membership instead of vague promises?” Answering the question, Stoltenberg said, “At the moment, the most urgent task is to ensure the continuation of Ukraine as a sovereign and independent country. For this, we provide as much military, economic, financial and humanitarian support as possible. If Ukraine cannot continue as a sovereign and independent country, then of course, membership. The issue cannot be on the table,” he said.

Stating that there is a prerequisite for the timing of Ukraine’s membership, Stoltenberg said, “That is, Ukraine can continue as a sovereign state. We are trying to achieve this.” used the phrase.

Stating that NATO allies are ready to supply Ukraine with advanced military materials, ammunition, fuel and what it needs, Stoltenberg emphasized that this is the most urgent issue at the moment.

“There is also a huge difference between nothing and full membership. We are developing both political and practical partnerships with Ukraine. This will strengthen Ukraine’s institutions, help transition from Soviet-era equipment standards to modern NATO standards doctrine. good. This will bring Ukraine closer to membership.” said.

The fight against terrorism will continue


Stoltenberg also stated that the two-day NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting included the fight against terrorism. Emphasizing that terrorism is the most serious asymmetrical threat to NATO security, Stoltenberg said, “We saw this most recently with the terrible attack in Istanbul. The ministers agreed that we need to continue our efforts to combat this threat.”

“We are ready to give more support to Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Answering the question of what should be done to prevent Russia from establishing a sphere of influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stoltenberg said that this country is important for the stability of the Balkans and for NATO.

“One of the most important things to thwart Russia’s efforts to exert influence and intervene in Bosnia is the formation of government and the strengthening of institutions. NATO is committed to further support Bosnia and Herzegovina by helping to build strong defense and security institutions and implement democratic reforms,” ​​Stoltenberg said. ready,” he said.

“We will continue trade with China and maintain our economic relationship”

Stating that NATO foreign ministers discussed the challenges presented by China on the second day of the meeting, Stoltenberg stated that they do not see China as an enemy, and that relations with China will continue in line with their interests, but they are vigilant.

Stating that they evaluated China’s ambitious military development, technological progress and increasing cyber and hybrid activities, Stoltenberg reiterated that after the war in Ukraine, the importance of reducing dependency on authoritarian regimes emerged.

“Of course we will continue trade and economic relations with China, but we must be aware of our dependencies and reduce our vulnerability,” Stoltenberg said.


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