NATO foreign ministers meet in Bucharest



The foreign ministers of NATO countries gathered on the second day of their meeting in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, to discuss issues such as relations with China and the fight against terrorism.

Relations with China are discussed in the first session of the NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting, held on the second day at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest.

NATO does not see China as an adversary, but is concerned about its military spending and increased diversity of weapons such as nuclear, its efforts to expand its sphere of influence, and its relations with Russia in recent years.

Drawing attention to the importance of maintaining relations with China as a major economic and commercial partner, NATO evaluates that China can use its influence on Russia regarding the war in Ukraine.

In today’s other session of the NATO ministerial meeting, “partners exposed to pressure from Russia” will be discussed. The foreign ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Georgia will attend this session to the ministers of NATO countries.

NATO emphasizes the importance of preventing instability in the Balkans or other countries after Ukraine.


Finland and Sweden, the candidate countries for membership, are also participating in the sessions of the NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting.

In the yesterday’s part of the meeting, aid to Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, was discussed.


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