NASA achieves a new record on Mars


The Mars Helicopter Scout, better known as Ingenuity, is a drone helicopter operating on the planet Mars as part of the NASA Mars 2020 mission. During 52 seconds of flight, Ingenuity reached 14 meters above the surface, surpassing the previous altitude record of 12 meters, set three times in 2021. The goal of this flight was only to reposition the helicopter, but the team managed to set a new record.


The Martian atmosphere has a density of only 1% of that of Earth, so it’s not easy to fly, as easy as Ingenuity makes it look. The helicopter will keep flying for as long as it can, providing a bird’s-eye view to help scientists direct Perseverance to the most interesting targets.

  • NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Captures Video of Record Flight (


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