Narwhal – that’s what the tusk is for


The narwhal (Monodon monoceros) is one of the most extraordinary animals of the Arctic Ocean. It is a cornet-shaped whale, with an almost straight tusk extending from its snout. It is believed to be one of the oldest creatures in the world, having existed since the Paleozoic period .


Despite the many assumptions advanced by scientists, what the narwhal’s tusk is for is still a fact shrouded in mystery. The difficulty in understanding their function depends on the fact that narwhals spend most of their lives in inaccessible areas of the Arctic , and therefore their behaviors are extremely difficult to study. However, it seems that the tusk has sensory capabilities, which allow it to perceive physical and chemical changes in the environment, such as changes in temperature and salinity of the water.

Man has used the narwhal tusk for multiple purposes over the centuries. Narwhal tusks have been used for centuries in all the seas of the world for the creation of ornaments, talismans and objects of art. The tusk has also been used as a weapon, by both Inuit fishermen and Europeans. Today, the narwhal tusk is still used as a fine material for making jewelry ornaments trophies , and for making a variety of products.

The narwhal tusk is a unique and precious material , with unique properties. It is incredibly durable and is often used to make musical instruments, such as flutes and bagpipes. The tusk is also very resistant to water and UV rays, making it a great material to use for boat building.


In conclusion, the narwhal tusk is a valuable material, with a long history of use and medicinal properties. It is used to make musical instruments, objets d’art, jewelry and trophies. It can also be used for boat building and as a treatment for some diseases.




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