Nanotechnologies: funding to the Marzolla of Brindisi


The project relating to ” Nanotechnologies : traveling through matter-Experiences from the future” saw the Liceo Classico Marzolla of Brindisi, winner of a ministerial funding . Other universities and research centers have also been awarded this funding at a national level. 


The project has allowed the diffusion of the technical-scientific culture on the territory by crossing the basic concepts of nanotechnologies. The didactic activities took place in a training course lasting many hours in the equipped laboratories . These are the Marzolla Classical High School, the Leo Scientific High School and the University of Salento. The project saw the collaboration with the University of Salento, the Municipality of Brindisi and the Municipality of San Vito dei Normanni. The young students were able to acquire more awareness of the importance of science and technology in relation to daily life and sustainable development of society. A cultural and human growth. 

The presence of female students has made it possible to counter the gender stereotype that would only like science to be a purely male sector . A project that has inspired the way for many boys and girls towards a scientific vocation. A possible path choice after graduation. Prestigious level events, but also orientation training to open new paths for high school students. 

  • “Nanotechnologies: traveling through matter”, experiences from the future at Marzolla in Brindisi (


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