Musk: I support Trump’s rival DeSantis

American businessman Elon Musk, who has not fallen off the agenda with his purchase of Twitter, continues his sensational statements.

Finally, Musk said that he can support Ron DeSantis, who is considered certain to be Donald Trump ‘s opponent in the 2024 US presidential election . DeSantis was elected Governor of Florida for a second term in the November 8 midterm elections. It is estimated that DeSantis, known as the ‘new Trump’, will rival Trump in the race for the Republican Party nomination in the upcoming presidential elections. DeSantis, 44, is gaining a lot of support with his young age and Trump-like populist rhetoric.




One Twitter user asked, “Do you support DeSantis?” Responding to the question, Elon Musk replied , “Yes, I do not see an ideal candidate in the Democrats”. In this context, he said he could support someone who was ‘logical and centrist’.


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