Multiple sclerosis: the benefits of early diagnosis and treatment


The life expectancy of people with multiple sclerosis lengthens. Thanks to new therapies and early diagnoses, any particular moment of life can be faced without uncertainty. Furthermore, the progression towards disability is less high in the elderly. More than 8,000 neurologists, researchers and rehabilitation specialists gathered at the European congress in Amsterdam. Multiple sclerosis mostly affects women . During pregnancy, attention should be paid to monoclonal antibodies compatible with breastfeeding without side effects or negative effects on the fetus.


We currently have target therapies capable of blocking and controlling relapsing-remitting forms, in progressive forms research must go on.

Gianluigi Mancardi, professor of neurology at the University of Genoa

At the European congress various thoughts were gathered on treatments up to autologous blood stem cell transplantation. There was talk of drugs and the validity of rehabilitation .


The high cost of the latest generation of neurological drugs poses a problem of system sustainability. In summary, however, multiple sclerosis can be monitored with the right drugs and dosed over time.


Multiple sclerosis today is no longer a wheelchair sentence, we have over twenty authorized therapies and tools to choose the best solution, depending on individual variability.

Luca Battistini, director of the Neuroimmunology laboratory at the Santa Lucia Foundation

  • Multiple sclerosis, early diagnosis and treatment return years of life with fewer disabilities (


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