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MrBeast could become the first billionaire youtuber


How much is MrBeast ‘s empire worth ? From YouTube channels (including those dubbed into Spanish) to merchandising, passing through the fast food chain and a brand that is now hyper-known all over the world. The youtuber aims for a valuation of over 1.5 billion dollars and to do so he is trying to raise another 150 million dollars from investors.


MrBeast has amassed over 109 million subscribers to date , and has the fifth largest YouTube channel in the world. But his empire extends well beyond the borders of YouTube: in 2021 he launched a fast food chain called MrBeast Burger, even before that he had founded a company that produces snacks and chocolate bars called Feastables (it alone is worth over 50 million dollars).

However, MrBeast’s YouTube activity is rather atypical: most of his videos come with extremely expensive prize pools. Islands, private jets and Tesla cars. For this reason, the youtuber himself explained that he has extremely low profit margins from his videos. Indeed, he very often loses money.

However, this loss is repaid by strengthening its brand, and therefore by strengthening its other activities, which, unlike YouTube, offer higher profit margins.


As Tech Crunch points out, a ton of companies (Uber and Amazon, to name two) have passed a $1 billion valuation before even making a dime in profits. Yet this is not the case for MrBeast, which according to Forbes reported profits of at least $54 million in 2021. Thus, Tech Crunch always writes, MrBeast could easily become the first youtuber to convince investment funds to bet on him.



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