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Move, developed by Meta’s R&D team, NPE, is shutting down

According to the information in the product update published on Sunday; The application will be unpublished as of March 2, 2023 and will be closed to users.

We have conveyed to you that Meta launched its task management tool Move in March 2022 . The product developed by Meta’s R&D group NPE is being taken down. Thus, another application developed by NPE is shelved. For those who don’t know, let’s remind you that Move lets you create to-do lists individually or as a group. 


Unlike the seriousness we saw in Trello, Jira, and Asana, Move added gamification to the task management process. Participants who earned points as they completed the tasks could use their points to customize their avatars. For example, you could add accessories such as hats and glasses to your avatar with the points you earned. Customizations added to avatars made it visible who was actively completing work within the group. 

Move announced that it will be taken down in March. According to the information in the product update published on Sunday ; The application will be unpublished as of March 2, 2023 and will be closed to users. Within the scope of the closure process, the recruitment of new members to the application was stopped. However, existing users can log in to the application to download their data.  

The NPE team, the developer of Move, has worked on applications such as Hobbi ,  CatchUp ,  Collab ,  Tuned  ,  Venue  and  Sparked so far . Many of the applications said goodbye to broadcast life before they had the opportunity to meet with large user masses. The last application of the NPE team that was closed was the Cameo-like Super. Targeting content creators, Super will be taken down in February 2023. 

The difficulty in opening NPE applications to large audiences raises questions about the success of the team. However, R&D teams may have other motivations than to open the product to large audiences. From this perspective, it should be noted that NPE also changed its job description and started to invest in seeds for applications in different parts of the world. Inworld AI , which creates artificial intelligence-supported characters for games, is one of these initiatives. Considering that Inworld AI, which facilitates the development of virtual characters based on artificial intelligence, received an investment of $ 50 million in the Series A round led by Section 32 and Intel Capital, we can say that NPE made the right choice for seed investment. 

On the other hand, closing the applications produced by NPE may lead to a reconsideration of its position within the company. It is not yet known whether the layoffs, which affect 13 percent of Meta’s workforce, will affect the NPE team. 



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