Mountains: how to become responsible tourists

Mountains: how to become responsible tourists.


The mountain represents an ecosystem that has always fascinated tourists and visitors. From Alaska to the Himalayas, from the Alps to the Andes, mountains are an invaluable heritage. They provide drinking water for half of the human population and are home to thousands of species of plants and wildlife. FAO has decided to dedicate International Mountain Day to raise awareness of sustainable tourism as well 


Here are some important tips to keep in mind. The animals that live in the mountains are difficult to spot. To promote their well-being, man must leave no trace, therefore avoid leaving waste around. The most pristine places must be traversed on foot and not by car to avoid noise pollution . If animals are found near where man lives, it is because he is looking for food resources. 

Try to observe the wonder of the mountain without immortalizing everything with your smartphone every time. There is a risk of attracting many tourists, once again favoring the complications caused by coexistence with other species. Furthermore, it is always better to inquire about the species that inhabit the area we are going to visit. Get to know the local accommodation facilities by contacting a local guide or by finding interesting material about it. 

  • International Mountain Day: tips to become responsible tourists (


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