More than 60 tons of aid materials are sent from the USA

The first cargo plane carrying more than 60 tons of aid materials collected for earthquake victims in the organization of the Turkish Embassy in Washington in the USA set off for Turkey.

After the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, the aid campaigns launched around the world continue in The USA. With the joint cooperation of Atlas Air, Turkish Airlines and Boeing, the first cargo plane carrying more than 60 tons of aid set off for Turkey. Humanitarian aid collected for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria was sent from Dulles Airport in Washington to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey with the support of DVS and Jet Aviation.


Deputy Ambassador Sinan Ertay, who took part in the process of sending humanitarian aid from the Turkish Embassy in Washington, said that the collected aid will be distributed to the natural disaster area from Incirlik Air Base and said, “Boeing provides fuel to this plane, the plane belongs to Atlas Air and Turkish Airlines does the Palletizing. “This aid includes winter clothes, tents and everything necessary for survival at the first stage. Aid keeps coming. We will continue to collect these aids and send them with Turkish Airlines as before,” he said.
Sıtkı Kazancı, President of the Turkish-American Association, said that the aid collected by the association for earthquake victims reached 200 thousand dollars and said, “Our goal is to collect 250 thousand Dollars in aid.We are also closely involved in the collection of other aid products to be made in the region. We prepare the aid that has been coming for days at the embassy and send it to the disaster area with our volunteers. With God’s permission, we will bind up our wounds together,” he said.


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