Moon and Mars: agreement between Asi and Prato Museum

Moon and Mars: agreement between Asi and Prato Museum.


Important partnership for future ASI missions. The goal is to use the experience and material collections of the Prato Museum of Planetary Sciences, one of the most important internationally. A project within the research of Asi itself and its exploration projects of the Moon and MarsThis collaboration could give rise to a structure that puts its samples at the service of the study of what has been found on the planets.


The study of materials is essential because it allows us to understand, among other things, how probes and future settlements that will be sent into space will be able to find ways to find energy autonomously on site. Our Museum is a point of reference on this, in an important context such as the Tuscan aerospace district which also involves Prato’s realities.

Marco Morelli, director of the Prato Museum of Planetary Sciences


The municipal administration of Prato is fully available to the fact that this collaboration can materialize. It is an honor and a source of pride for the Municipality to know that the Space Agency is looking to Prato. The Planetary Science Museum has always had a prestigious value, strongly in the field of research. The entire administration of the Municipality is ready to do everything possible to ensure that this collaboration takes shape and is fully realized. 


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