Monkeypox: its name changes to “mpox”


Monkeypox changed its name to ” mpox “, given that it had stirred protests and indignation, because it rekindled racist connotations . Those negative feelings against black people and people of color in general, as well as against members of LGBTQia communities. New York was among the first cities to ask WHO to change the name of monkeypox. The aim was “to avoid discrimination that would lead those who fall ill to isolate themselves instead of seeking the necessary treatment”.


Here, after four months, the WHO has decided, following a series of consultations, a new term, “mpox”. This should serve to mitigate concerns raised about the confusion created due to the name. The new denomination “mpox” will soon be included online in the ICD-10. It will be part of the 2023 official version of ICD-11, the current global standard for health data, clinical records and statistical aggregation. 

In this case the standard ICD update process has been sped up, usually taking years. New disease names should be given to minimize the unnecessary negative impact of the names on various economic sectors. Then to avoid causing offense in every sense. 

Meanwhile , the epidemic continues to decline . Between 14 and 20 November, 1,090 infections were recorded worldwide, 3.7% fewer than the previous week, when there were 1,132. From the beginning there are 80,646 cases distributed in 110 countries; 53 deaths.

  • Monkeypox changes its name: it will be called “mpox” (


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