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Modder built in Oblivion the ability to order pizza in real life

Opening the app and ordering pizza delivery from it is too boring, according to modder Nikies42. It is much more interesting to go to The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, find a special NPC there and place your order through it. After that, hot pizza will be delivered to you in real life.


According to Nikies42, he was just experimenting with the game and had no intention of making his mod public at first. However, after the video in which he orders a pizza in the game and receives it in real life became popular, the gamer published a mod on the NexusMods website.

Unfortunately, the modification has a lot of limitations. It calls for delivery of a 30cm pizza, 8 garlic breads and a bottle of Fuze tea from Domino’s Pizza within the United States. If desired, gamers can change the composition of the order, but this must be done manually. You will also need to drive your bank card number into the mod file.

Does this already lead to the title of the strangest mod of 2022 or not yet?


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