Minimum pensions: what to expect without the increase?


An increase in minimum pensions for 2023-2024 has already been provided for by the Budget law. An amendment by Forza Italia had ordered an additional increase in addition to the expected one. For this year there will be no increase up to 600 euros . It is envisaged that pensions of an amount lower than the minimum treatment of 525.38 euros in 2022 will be able to enjoy a 1.5% increase for the whole of 2023.


This increase must be applied to the amount of the minimum pension already revalued, considering the 7.3% revaluation recorded by Istat. The minimum pension will therefore rise to €563.73, with the benefit of an increase of €38.35 . Then in addition a further 1.5%, for all thirteen months of 2023. An amount of the minimum pension equal to 572.18 euros.

The increase in minimum pensions requested by Forza Italia was 1000 euros, but we are far from this goal. For this, an increase of up to 600 euros had been requested. Much less therefore because the Treasury has authorized a spending limit of 400 million euros. The increase up to 600 euros will not be there for this year, but for 2024, yes, with a further increase. The increase in minimum pensions in 2024 will be 2.7% in addition to the annual revaluation still to be foreseen. Between adjustment and increase of 2.7% in two years, the amount of minimum pensions will approach the threshold of 600 euros requested by Forza Italia.

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