Mind: How to stop having countless thoughts

Mind: How to stop having countless thoughts.


Is our mind overloaded with innumerable thoughts and constantly working without rest? Do thoughts become mental circuits that consume precious energy? Here, then how to manage not to overload the mind and not to think too much. 


We are talking about ruminant thinking which affects 73% of adults between 25 and 35 years old. It also affects 52% of people between the ages of 45 and 55. Entering a sort of “loop” causes discomfort, anguish, mental tiredness. Overthinking can lead to anxiety , which is serious when we overthink things all the time. To stop thinking so excessively, there are some useful exercises that are very effective, but you have to practice them constantly: 

  • pay attention to thoughts: identify those that cause the “loop”, in order to see those that cause anxiety and stress. We must not avoid having them, but let them flow. When thoughts recur, pay attention to them and then let them go 
  • focus on the present so you don’t overload your mind: meditation works to stop overthinking. Do simple effective exercises
  • during the day, pay attention to what you are doing: don’t think, but pay attention to your steps during a walk, to ambient noises and much more. It basically blurs the attention of the mind 
  • position yourself in the present and think of 5 things around us: 4 things to feel, 3 to touch, 2 things to smell and 1 to taste. Eventually just focus on everything, getting away from worries
  • thought stops: cognitive behavioral therapy is the thinking stop technique
  • Having identified that thought that leads us to the mental “loop”, we must find a word, a small “mantra” or a gesture that can cut that “loop”.
  • gratitude: one of the most valuable resources in existence, focusing on the positivity of things. This helps to lower the pressure on ourselves and the brain to rest 
  • stop overloading the mind: nature helps restore balance and drive away negativity

Due to the hectic life we ​​lead, it is normal for millions of people to suffer from depression , anxiety, obsessive and ruminant thoughts. These are common and commonplace symptoms by now. Overthinking is a problem that is not easy to bear and solve Furthermore, it is always better to be able to try to follow the advice given so far, but also to ask for professional help , if necessary. 


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