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Microsoft will bring ChatGPT to Bing soon – integration is not far off

Microsoft will bring ChatGPT to Bing soon – integration is not far off.


The integration of ChatGPT into Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, could come much sooner than anyone imagined. Microsoft has invested over $10 billion in Open AI, the company that created ChatGPT and GPT-3, the technology on which the chatbot is based.


The stated goal is to integrate the artificial intelligence of Open Ai within the entire ecosystem of Microsoft products and services: not only Bing (but above all Bing), but also Office, Azure, and Windows 11 and 12.

According to a new report from Semafor, Microsoft intends to integrate a new version of ChatGPT based on GPT-4 within Bing , which will offer higher standards than those shown by the current public open beta of the chatbot. The reasons are very simple: a search engine must be a splinter, otherwise it loses all usefulness. The new version is expected to offer significantly lower text processing times. The use of artificial intelligence could help Microsoft steal important market shares from Google, which is currently by far the most used search engine in the world.

In the meantime, Open AI is already working on a mobile version – an app, in short – of ChatGPT. Among other things, the company is also working to enhance the Dall-E generative AI (already integrated in Bing, but only in some regions) and allow it to generate not only static images, but also videos. Today Open AI also unveiled ChatGPT Plus, a paid version of the chatbot that will initially be available exclusively in the United States.



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