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Microsoft releases 3D emoji designs as open source

After about a year, Microsoft released fluid emojis on Github and made them available to developers. 

Microsoft announced last year that it was redesigning its Emoji characters as part of the Windows11 edit . The company described the redesigned emojis as “fluid”. After about a year, Microsoft released the fluid emojis on Github and made them available to developers. 


From now on, almost everyone will be able to change and use these fluid emojis as they wish. There are 3 different versions of each open source emoji, a fully 3D version, a solid-color version that retains its base color but disables textures and the gradient look, and a monochrome high-contrast version.

The company, which has made more than 1500 emojis available in total, still has not released every emoji design as open source. For example, the emoji similar to Clippy, the paperclip animation identified with Microsoft, is not among the open-source emojis. Likewise, emojis containing Windows logos were not released as open source. 

Although the emojis designed by technology giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft only work on their own operating systems; Microsoft’s open source release of emojis allows developers to use these emojis in their own applications. 


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