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Microsoft hastily deletes a Tweet: it contained a Mac M1


Getting confused between one or more devices made by Apple is certainly not difficult, given that – between designs that are always rather attributable to others, and names that are not always very clear – it happens to think of one device rather than another. The problem gets worse, however, when a mistake of this type is made by the person who manages the social networks of Microsoft , Apple’s “competitor” company that has recently removed a rather embarrassing Tweet .


As reported on the pages of 9to5Mac , we are talking about a text that concerned spring cleaning, with advice on how to manage the devices in a simple way and avoiding damage. However, together with the text there was an image with a girl who used a Mac from the Cupertino giant. Nothing strange if you imagine one of the Intel models , but unfortunately, as users have noticed in a short time, this was not the case.

The device in question was in fact one of the many Mac M1s in circulation, the new standard of the company which has now started a transition to its Silicon which now seems irreversible. The problem with the computers in question is that they can’t run Windows natively, and as a result Microsoft’s Tweet was advertising a device that didn’t have much to do with its company, perhaps because an incorrect image had been chosen .

In short, nothing serious, except for a small amusing mistake that made the thousands of fans smile who immediately noticed what happened. As mentioned, the content was quickly removed, and what is certain is that next time the company will pay more attention to the choice of its images when it comes to devices from other companies.





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