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Microsoft has purchased 4% of the London Stock Exchange: a partnership is born that will last ten years


Microsoft has bought 4% of the shares of the company that manages the London Stock Exchange , i.e. LSEG. The purchase precedes a ten-year partnership: the London business center will have access to Microsoft’s cloud resources, which will be used to enhance data analysis activities.


LSEG is working on a new data analysis platform called Workflow , which will thus be able to benefit from a very strong integration with Microsoft products and services, including Azure, Microsoft Teams and as well as some new generation artificial intelligences.

As part of the ten-year partnership, the two companies have agreed to exchange dedicated tools and software with each other. The London Stock Exchange will increasingly rely on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure in the future .

Customers and partners will be able to contact LSEG using Microsoft Teams, thus obtaining assistance and being able to carry out the activities once relegated to different communication channels in full compliance with privacy regulations. All the contents of the LSEG will then be integrated with Microsoft Excel natively. It will also be possible to use Workspace, Teams and Microsoft 365 for presentations and reports.


In short, there are several advantages and in general thanks to this partnership – costing around 2.8 billion dollars – the services of the London Stock Exchange will become simpler and more immediate to use.


The agreement, however, is not yet definitive and will have to be examined by the British antitrust authorities.



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