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Microsoft Decides to Raise First-Party Games — $70 Projects to Release in 2023

First-party games developed for the Xbox Series X/S will be available for $70 instead of $60. Microsoft has announced that this pricing will begin in 2023.

The economy, which keeps our country’s agenda very hot, also affects game prices to a great extent. When gaming sails from luxury to the impossible, trusted platforms fail gamers one by one. While we couldn’t get over the shock of Steam’s currency update , another bad news came from Microsoft and Xbox .


Microsoft Makes First-Party Games Price $70

Major first-party games for Xbox Series X/S will no longer be $60. By 2023, the 60-dollar price tag will be replaced by the 70-dollar price tag. Forza Motorsport ,  Redfall and Starfield  stand out in the productions that will be available at new prices .

A Microsoft spokesperson said the following about this price increase:

This price reflects the content, scale and technical difficulty of these productions.

These titles will be accessible via Game Pass on the day they are released, as are all games developed for Xbox by our teams.


Coming to Xbox, Unfortunately, Not a First in the Industry

After the release of the new generation consoles, the first game to be released from the $ 70 tag was NBA 2K21 , owned by Take Two . Other industry giants such as Sony and Activision followed the same path and preferred the $70 tag for major first-party productions. Square Enix , the publisher of the Ea and Final Fantasy series, also joined this caravan and increased prices, especially for PC games.


Coming to a more recent September, Ubisoft has made a similar decision and announced that it will prefer $70 for pricing its major productions. When we go a little further from September and come to the end of October, it is possible to see that the signs of the hike decision have been given beforehand.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer hinted that in the near future, Xbox consoles, games and subscriptions could be hiked. Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that prices will increase, subscriptions and the future of consoles remain a mystery.


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