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Microsoft Agrees to Bring Call of Duty Series to Nintendo

Microsoft has signed with Nintendo. After the investigations are over, the Call of Duty series will debut on the Nintendo platform.

With the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it is obvious that Microsoft has taken the lead in the Call of Duty series. The ongoing inquiries by the British Competition Authority, on the other hand, prove how this agreement has caused great concern in the sector.


This acquisition by Microsoft intensified their rivalry with Sony. While Sony was looking for solutions, worried that the Call of Duty series would not be able to be released on the PlayStation platform in the near future, it could not reach an agreement with Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

Although the company’s offer to keep Call of Duty games on PlayStation for 10 years was rejected by Sony, Nintendo accepted this offer. If inquiries regarding this purchase are dropped, the agreement will enter into force.

Nintendo Accepts Microsoft’s Call of Duty Offer

The tweet thread shared by Phil Spencer on his Twitter account shows that an agreement has been reached with Nintendo. The Call of Duty series will come to the Nintendo platform if inquiries drop. In addition to this agreement, it was revealed that Steam will continue to host the famous game series.

The fact that the Nintendo platform does not currently have any Call of Duty games raises some questions: Will the old games be brought or will they be brought first? Will a game be made exclusively for the Nintendo platform? Is the Switch powerful enough? Or is Nintendo developing a new, more capable console?

Although there is no definite statement for now, it is possible that some details will be revealed and shared as the inquiries progress.


Phil Spencer and Xbox Take a Constructive Attitude

The Xbox community and Phil Spencer have stated in their statements so far that they hope to bring the Call of Duty series to rival platforms by making a deal. While Sony did not comment after the statements, Valve boss Gabe Newell made the following words:

We’re happy that Microsoft is willing to continue meeting players on Steam once the investigation into the Activision acquisition is over.

Microsoft has been around for a long time on Steam and we take this as a sign of welcome players and their satisfaction with the work we do.”

Gabe Newell


The fact that Sony rejected this offer must have prompted both parties to a more comprehensive thinking event. Nintendo seems to be waiting for the investigations to be resolved as soon as possible. Whether or not this knot will be resolved in the coming days depends, of course, on the decisions of the parties.


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