Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez threatens Lionel Messi

After the World Cup group match where Argentina defeated Mexico 2-0, there is an interesting claim on the Mexican front. It is claimed that Lionel Messi put the Mexican jersey on the ground and this is disrespectful. World-famous boxer Canelo Alvarez was also involved in the discussion.

Argentina took a deep breath after beating Mexico 2-0 in a life-or-death match in the group. After the match, the images of joy in the dressing room of the Argentine players appeared.


The Mexican side claims a Mexican jersey is on the ground in front of Messi in the footage. Seeing this as disrespect, the Mexicans reacted to the Argentine players and especially Messi.

World-renowned boxer Canelo Alvarez intimidated the Argentine superstar, saying , “Did you see Messi clearing the floor with our jersey and flag? Pray God that I don’t find him. He should respect Mexico just as I respect Argentina.”

It is a matter of curiosity whether Messi will make a statement on the subject.


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