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Meta’s smartwatch (formerly Facebook) is not dead: here it is in some new renderings

Meta’s smartwatch (formerly Facebook) is not dead: here it is in some new renderings.


Surprise: apparently Facebook hasn’t given up on its dream of producing a smartwatch with an integrated camera. The Meta Smartwatch is back in the limelight. After the project seemed to “disappear” last year due to the global economic situation and cost cuts by the parent company, rumors of a new smartwatch are circulating again.


The images were released by leaker Kuba Wojciechowski and come from an anonymous source. The new renders show a version of the smartwatch very similar to the one already seen in the past. The functions of the smartwatch would change.

According to the leaker, the device will be equipped with some version of Android and not Wear OS, making it a fancier version of the previous smartwatch leaked in 2021. The integrated camera could be used to offer some kind of interaction with the Metaverse / reality increased.

Initially, Meta was rumored to want to create a classic device with LTE connectivity and messaging and health monitoring features, but last year’s delays and tough economic situation have affected this project as well. Now, it seems that Meta has decided to dust off the old design but with significant changes. All that remains is to wait for further details and new information on the project.



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