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Meta’s 3D Avatars arrive on WhatsApp

Avatars, which we have seen on Instagram before as part of the Meta application family, are now available on WhatsApp. 

In the past months, we shared with you that Facebook has released bitmoji-like avatars. Avatars, which we previously saw on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram as part of the Meta application family, are now available on WhatsApp. 




The company announced in a blog post that Avatars will be used on WhatsApp. You can now use your personalized avatar as your profile photo on WhatsApp. You can also choose from 36 special stickers that reflect different emotions and actions. 

Avatars have been testing in beta for the past few months. Starting today, it will be gradually rolled out around the world.

The company states in its blog post that it will continue to offer lighting, shading, hairstyle textures and many more features that will make avatars even better over time. The widespread use of avatars in the meta app family is an important step towards the company’s vision for Metaverse. 


If you remember, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they would open a special store for avatars called Avatars Store on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger with a post he shared on Facebook in June . Users will be able to purchase digital outfits to style their avatars. Meta may soon include WhatsApp in this plan.


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