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Metal Gear Solid Remake, the announcement would be close, as an exclusive PS5

Metal Gear Solid Remake is back to being talked about, and this time it seems that the announcement is very close as an exclusive PlayStation 5.

Let’s go back to talking about Metal Gear Solid Remake because, like any good project at the center of rumors, it makes a comeback every now and then.


The rumored remake of the first chapter of Hideo Kojima’s modern saga , the epilogue of which you can always find on Amazon , is a dream that we all want to see come true.

Also because the only remake of the title that exists so far is The Twin Snakes , a project that is certainly interesting but which has never been too much loved even for scenes like this.


And while in the past someone has confirmed that the Metal Gear Solid Remake rumors are false, now other clues are emerging .

The latest rumors that emerged primarily from a report by Arejugones , an Iberian site that has repeatedly anticipated information and news, want Metal Gear Solid Remake as a PS5 exclusive development title.


According to a source, the project has been in the pipeline and in development for many years , and an announcement could come very soon.


Originally it was supposed to be a video game also available on PlayStation 4 , but given the years that passed during development, the choice turned to making it an exclusive PlayStation 5.

There is no word on when Metal Gear Solid Remake could be announced , if the rumor turns out to be true. Of course there are The Game Awards around the corner and it would certainly be an excellent opportunity for an announcement.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of this project and there have been many more or less credible rumors that have emerged in recent times.


Even David Hayter , the original voice actor of Solid Snake, expressed himself on the fact that Metal Gear Solid Remake can really exist or not.

As always in these cases we just have to wait, but in the meantime Metal Gear Solid has also become a VR product , creating a truly meta connection with the VR missions.


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