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Meta will introduce its new virtual reality glasses next year

Meta announced that it is working on a new virtual reality glasses in its statements about the third financial quarter of the year.

Meta , which achieved significant success in the virtual glasses market with the Quest 2 model, announced that it is working on a new virtual reality glasses in its statements regarding the third financial quarter of the year . To remind you, Meta also launched a new virtual reality headset called Quest Pro about a week ago.


Unlike Quest 2, the Quest Pro model was launched for the business world. Quest Pro, which comes with a high price tag, is mostly aimed at professionals in the business world. The price of the Quest Pro model is $1499. For comparison, the Quest 2 model appeared with a price tag of $ 399.

Recently, the price of the Quest 2 model, which was increased globally, was $ 499 . Although details about the new virtual reality glasses developed by Meta are not shared, we know that the glasses in question will be the next generation version of the Quest 2 model.

The new virtual reality glasses, which will offer a metaverse and entertainment-oriented use, does not aim to reach the business world like the Quest Pro model. Therefore , it will not be a surprise that the price of the new virtual reality glasses is closer to the price of the Quest 2 model .

The virtual reality glasses, which started to be developed according to the statements made by Meta, will be available in 2023 . Let us also remind you that Meta continues its metaverse and virtual reality focused works without slowing down. How successful these efforts have been is a big question mark.

While explaining its financial results for the third quarter of the year, Meta also announced that it lost 3 billion dollars from its metaverse investments in the last quarter. We have also conveyed to you that Meta Horizon Worlds has lost approximately 100 thousand monthly active users . Meta’s work on the metaverse doesn’t seem to be going well for now. We will continue to keep you informed of developments on the subject.



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