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Meta gives the “pardon” to Donald Trump: he is no longer banned from Facebook and Instagram

Meta gives the “pardon” to Donald Trump: he is no longer banned from Facebook and Instagram.


As announced a few weeks ago, Meta has restored all the accounts of former US President Donald Trump, who will then be able to publish posts freely on Facebook and Instagram.


Trump had been suspended, initially indefinitely, from the two Meta social networks (and to tell the truth from almost every other platform) after the events of January 6, 2021 , when a crowd of his supporters invaded the Capitol, jeopardizing the safety of members of the US Congress. Trump had been accused of inciting the crowd after he falsely claimed that the election was rigged. Furthermore, the President had initially refused to attempt to call the demonstrators to order.

Presidential elections will be held again in 2024 and it is very likely that Trump, who has already announced his candidacy in the meantime, will challenge Joe Biden again. Donald Trump has not been banned from Twitter since last November, but the former President has yet to publish a single tweet (a complicated exclusivity agreement temporarily ties him to another social network, which he founded).

Meta has chosen to review, and therefore cancel, the indefinite suspension of Donald Trump after the Overshight Board , the independent body created by Meta to deliberate on the most delicate issues, had indeed admitted the legitimacy of the ban against Trump, expressing however concerns about the idea that a politician could be suspended for life from the two social networks.



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