Merchants: cards and debit cards only over 60 euros


The limit beyond which merchants will be exempt from the obligation to allow payments by debit card and cards rises from 30 to 60 euros. The previous limit was 30 euros, but now it seems to have doubled to 60 euros. Hence the amendment establishes the obligation for merchants to accept cards and debit cards for any amount. 


The provisions of the maneuver concerning the Pos represent a clean slate that cleanly erases 8 years of battles in favor of consumers. The obligation of the Pos for merchants and professionals represented a historic battle of the Codacons that lasted 8 years and which last June had led to the introduction of sanctions against merchants who refused customers electronic payments .


The new government has increased the limit to 60 euros for using ATMs and cards. The cancellation of the sanctions against merchants provided for by the budget law will allow merchants, professionals and artisans to refuse payments with Pos. Without incurring any kind of consequence. Damage for consumers who will be forced to resort to cash for purchases and payments .

  • Merchants forced to accept cards and debit cards only over 60 euros (


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